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Grow Your Short Hair Fast And Effective With Inexpensive Ingredient

Many people face the problem of hair loss. Though losing 50-100 hairs per day is considered as normal, losing hair cause concern and mental stress in people.

Hair is often associated with beauty and attractiveness, which is why most women always want that little extra help to transform their hair from good to great.

Do you dream of having Rapunzel-length locks? If it seems like your hair just isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like, look no further than your hair care routine. And then try this pro- tips to get longer, stronger hair in no time.

While there are tons of ads claiming they are the next best hair loss treatment, nature comes in pretty powerfully on this one, and there’s one thing that offers real results.

Onion juice is a powerful natural remedy that promotes hair growth and can keep your lovely locks looking their best.

Onion juice can really help for hair growth. It has been shown in many various studies that onion juice and consuming onions is absolutely beneficial in preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. Onion juice has been said to prevent prematuraring of grey hair, and also works on other problem hair concerns such as dandruff, yeast infections, and fungal infections.

It’s the rich sulfur content in onions that make this method so effective by helping to promote blood circulation to the scalp. The sulfur also promotes the production of collagen which is necessary for the production of new hair. Hair is produced in the follicles and when there is more blood and collagen making their way into these follicles, they receive the nutrients and stimulation they need to grow new hair.

How to make Onion juice


2-3 Onions (depends on your hair length)


  1. Grate the Onion and squeeze the juice from it
  2. Apply the squeezed Onion Juice on your scalp and gently massage with fingers for 5 minutes.
  3. Then, spread the juice all over your hair from root to tip
  4. Leave it for 30 minutes
  5. Then wash your hair thoroughly.
  6. When your hair smell like onion. Wash our hair again and leave shampoo foam for 5-6 minutes so itan wash out all onion residue and smell from you hair.
  7. Use this hair treatment with fresh onion juice three times a week and you will be amazed by the results by the end of the month.

Caution: Those who are allergic to onions, even its topical application can bring about a reaction. Also, certain medications such as aspirin can increase sensitivity to onions. A patch test is necessary before using onion for hair treatment.

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