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Cardio – What is Cardio?

While the term gets cast around regularly, Cardio can be defined very easily: Activity or a group of activities that can raise your heartbeat above 50% then the average. It is beneficial for Heart.

Cardiac exercises have a number of health benefits. Aerobic Respiration for a long period of time may increase Stroke Volume, which cause Lower Heart Rate (Resting). Reduced heart rate extends ventricular diastole (filling), increasing end-diastolic volume, and therefore allowing more blood to discharge.

Types of Cardios:

Here are different types of Cardio exercise you can do:

  1. Low intensity, Long Duration

This type of training is carried out for long period of time while keeping the intensity low. It includes: Slow Jogging, Cycling, Walking. If you are obese or out of shape then this is your workout.

  1. Medium Intensity, Medium Duration:

After you are comfortable with Low intensity workout and can feel yourself returning into your dream body then this is the workout I would recommend you. Your body will need quicker and deeper breaths  as you will perform your movements at an increased speed.

  1. High Intensity, Short Duration:

This type of workout is intense because your heart rate is at about 80%-85% of its maximum. This is very demanding and should be done when you consider yourself physically fit.

  1. Interval Training:

Interval Training involves all low, medium and high intensity workouts into one cardio workout. For example; you may go cycling at medium intensity for 10 minutes and then at High Intensity for 6 minutes and then you may to choose to cycle for 4 minutes.

  1. Fartlek Training:

This is the most interesting workout as it involves all of the above training methods into one. An example will be light jogging for 7 minutes, sprinting for 3 minutes and then fast jogging for 6 minutes and in the end sprinting again for 2 minutes.

  1. Circuit Training:

This is another type of interval training as it requires the athlete to perform different exercise then the previous one at different stations. This workout requires the working of all body parts and is considered the best among athletes.


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