Regrow Your Hair, Eyebrows, and Lashes: A Fast and Effective Solution with Castor Oil

Falling hair is a common problem for both men and women, hair loss can be the cause of stress, poor diet, unhealthy life style, excessive use of harmful hair chemicals and even genetics.

Finding an effective cure for this issue can be difficult, products in the market are usually expensive and not effective.

Did you know that Castor oil does not only regrow you hair? This oil can also thicken your eyebrows and have longer lashes. Castor oil contains a huge amount of vitamins and Omega 9.

Since it has sticky consistency, people overlooked and ignore this remedy item.

For several years, castor oil is excellent in regrowing your lost hair and beside of it’s healthy benefits, castor oils is cheap and can be easily to find.

Follow this easy step:

  1. Just make a mix of the Castor oil and coconut oil
  2. With the right amount of castor oil, apply on to your scalp and gently massage it
  3. Leave the oil for about one hour

Additional Information

  • You have to continue using this treatment twice a week usually before washing your hair
  • You can also use it everyday incase of a dry hair


The application of the oil can be a little difficult, since it is a thick liquid, so you need to dilute first before using it. Put two to three drops of castor oil on your palm and apply through your hair.

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